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AGL Footcare, a trusted name in the footwear industry is one among the leading PU chappal manufacturers of kerala.Company's policy of uncompromising in quality made its products popular in the footwear market. Its promoters have vast experience of about two decades in the foowear manufacturing field.BesidesPU chappal,formely they engaged in Eva and handmade chappal manufacturing.

The products of AGL have active presence in the footwear market of south India (Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Andhra) and also in Gulf Countries. Its variety of models and spectacular designs in Ladies,Gents and Kids chappals,made it well accepted in the market. Company Strive hard to impart all the new trends and styles of footwear world,and makes it available for a reasonable price in the market.
Call: +91 495 243 3322, +91 9846 300473 Mail:
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